About Cheer

As the owner of Scripps Ranch Gymnastics I am very proud to introduce Cheer4Fun. I have been teaching children of all ages gymnastics since 1999. I am an ex-gymnast and cheerleader and have a passion for teaching children. With three children of my own, I am fortunate to be able share my experience doing something I love. The sport of cheerleading has followed a similar path to the traditional sport of gymnastics and can be very competitive and expensive. Most programs require a large time commitment leaving many children unable to participate. Our mission is to offer all children the opportunity to enjoy these great sports at a recreational level in a non-competitive environment for a fraction of the cost and time commitment of most programs.

Our coaches have extensive experience teaching cheerleading and gymnastics. Children will learn all of the fundamentals of cheerleading: Cheers, Motions, Dance, Jumps, Beginning Tumbling and Basic Stunts. Gymnastics and Cheerleading are excellent sports for building strength, coordination, and flexibility while developing body awareness. These skills are the foundation of any successful athlete. Our goal is to help children build self-esteem, have fun and to instill positive attitudes that will set the pace for their future athletic development.

Classes are offered throughout North San Diego County Recreation Centers and Elementary Schools. We offer children and parents the convenience of an afterschool program and, if offered at a school, a portion of all enrollment fees are donated back to the school. We hope you will join us!

Please see the schedule for a listing of class times and locations. New locations are being added, so check back often. If you have any questions feel free to call anytime!

Kim Moser and the Cheer4Fun Team

Jennifer Ellison – Director of Programs

Jennifer participated in 4 Years of Competitive Varsity cheer at La Jolla Country Day School. She then went on to cheer for the University of the Pacific. She was a Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) All-Star at all the cheer camps she attended. After graduating from University of Pacific, Jennifer began teaching cheerleading for Cheer4Fun, a recreational cheerleading program that serves elementary schools throughout San Diego. Under Jennifer’s leadership, Cheer4Fun has expanded to serve 11 schools in San Diego and is growing every year.

Kids after school recreational gymnastics classes