Online Platform Poll

We are considering offering online classes and private lessons and are conducting a poll to determine the interest in an online platform.

Classes would consist of guided stretching and floor and beam drills each week that do not require the use of gymnastics equipment, simply a yoga mat, a wall and masking tape.

Private lessons would be one one one and would specifically focus on what the student chooses to work on.

Please email us at if this is something that you would be interested in for your child. I also welcome any ideas!

Thank you so much for your help as we navigate this new normal!

Latest Update

Dear SpiritKids Families,

I hope this post finds everyone well. I had hoped to follow up sooner however I have not had any helpful information to offer. I have been communicating with the City of San Diego Recreation Center Directors throughout this time. As of right now the recreation centers are not open and a projected reopening date has not been given. I have emailed each of you details regarding refunds.

Unfortunately there are many factors with our sport that make it very difficult to resume safely. I have proposed offering small semi-private single apparatus classes as a possible option however it may not be possible to meet the social distancing requirements that will be in place even when the recreation centers reopen. I am also considering offering online classes and private lessons. While we won’t have the use of gymnastics equipment there are many tumbling and beam activities that can be done at home without it. We have posted several video tutorials using only a yoga mat, a wall and masking tape. Please contact me if you are interested in Online classes.

I will follow up with everyone and update our website as soon as I receive any more information from the center directors or if /when we begin offering online classes or private lessons. In the meantime be sure to check out all of the video’s we have created for our students. They offer many drills that will keep them strong and flexible during this time off. You may access them on our YouTube Channel (SpiritKids Sports) or on our Instagram (@spiritkidssports) through our IGTV.

We miss seeing you and working with your children very much and hope to see you all virtually or in person very soon!

Kim Moser
SpiritKids Sports
(858) 229-4462

New Videos Posted!

We hope all of our SpiritKids are are doing well. We are very excited to announce that we have officially posted two stretching videos for our students to follow along with at home! Parents please join in the fun and actively supervise you children for their safely.
The videos can be found on our Youtube Channel

Make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on the notification bell to be notified every time we post a new video. You can also access the videos through our Instagram account @spiritkidssports.

We encourage our students to take videos of them selves practicing at home and share them with us! We hope to post these videos on both our Instagram account and YouTube channel to share with fellow classmates and inspire them to do the same!

Our coaches will continue to make video lessons and post them often so be sure to follow us!

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